Perfect is the enemy of good enough

I have to admit that this first blog posting has been a little bit hard to start.  It is the first one after all it seems that it needs to be exceptional to set the tone for the class and the site.  You know the exceptional tone that I think it should have.

I sat and made notes about what I wanted to write.  I made plans and outlines even sketches.  I was going to film a video intro with embedded screen capture.

It was going to be perfect!  You know, like the first time should be.

It dawned on me though that while worrying about making it perfect I wasn’t doing anything useful.  Nothing that the class could use, or decide to ignore, was flowing out.  The realization that that was much worse than a little less than perfect made me decide to type this stream of conciousness this morning and if all goes well I’ll click publish and stop procrastinating.

see you in class