Worst Lecture Ever

The title may be exsessive, but that was how I felt as i walked away from the classroom. I think part of the problem was high expectations. I spent a good part of the weekend thinking about the lecture and preparing figures.

The first time you use any figure you notice the mistakes… The pen input in the classroom not working as expected didn’t help.

The real problem with the lecture though was my drawing the wrong angle and not noticing my mistake even when pointed out to me. That is why I try to avoid doing math on the fly in front of the class.

I feel that I need to fix a few things as a result of the lecture today.
In order of increasing importance.
-  reduce the value of the quiz questions to reduce the impact of my poor lecture.
-  post corrected slides
     -  rt=t1/t2
     -  Phi and Theta used interchangeably
-  create and post a camtasia video of the feed to t1 derivation
-  create and pose a camtasia video of force transformations

I would simply change the due date of the quiz  andtry the lecture over but that would disturb the schedule significantly.

You laugh I’ve done it before when I was unhappy with a lecture.

Monday lectures suck. Especially when the happen on Tuesday (I saw you sleeping! People aren’t supposed to be falling asleap until next week)

Stay tuned for anouncements about the items listed above.

See you in class