Eliminate a Lecture

For several years now I’ve been using surveys of the class for various reasons but mainly to get some feedback from the class but also to better understand if some teaching techniques were working or not without holding the student’s grades hostage while I try new things.
This term I’ve added a twist by handing out notecards at the beginning of class and asking for feedback directly.  I’m trying to understand how to best use this information and feedback to the class based on my reactions to the things they’ve said.
I think the best feedback I can give to the class is by reading the cards and commenting on video. So to watch the video click on the card above.
A quick summary is below: (remember these are votes to eliminate)
“Business stuff” 12 votes
Chip Thickness 10 votes
Art To Part 4 votes
NC Code 4 votes
I’m not currently thinking about eliminating any topics, but I may adjust emphasis or presentation of some of these topics.