first lecture of the term

Thanks for today if you were in class.  I love the beginning of the school year.  I’m excited, and the students are excited.

Discussion forum

I just finished reviewing the discussion board and answering questions.

  1. The link to the safety quiz is fixed
  2. There was question about the Haas Mill Safety manual, the correct link is: 
  3. simply forwards you to you will need to use your WPI username and password to access the page.


On reviewing the class capture I noticed there were a few things I think I missed

  • SharePoint site (lab instructions and reference)
I seem to have forgotten to explain that the SharePoint site that you can access by typing houses all of the lab instructions and the forms for the WDT lists. It is a WPI server and requires that you log in with your wpi credentials.  If you are on a computer logged into the WPI ADMIN domain you will be able to access the site without logging in again.
Please note that all of the quizzes including quizzes are on the myWPI page and all of the lab instructions and reference materials are on the SharePoint site.