From Troubled Youth to Well Paid Professional

How do you go from troubled youth with jail time to Cadillac driving skilled  professional with 8 weeks of training? The trick is to get the right training. 

You can see more of  Noel’s story at:

     In the Shifting Gears Episode of Launch Point we told Noel’s story. Noel had been headed down the wrong path but after he learned completed our program where we offer training in partnership with the MassMEP  and Quinsigamond Community College things were looking up.
     In this program we empower people with limited or no manufacturing training or experience to compete for some of the best and highest paying jobs in industry in just 8 weeks.  These 8 weeks are intensive on some of the days the students are in class from 6AM to 4 or 5 PM with just a short break at midday. The trainees learn both soft skills like teamwork and work etiquette and hard skills like CNC Setup and Programming Techniques. They get resume help and interview coaching.
     All of the trainees in Noel’s class had jobs before the class was over, ten of them hired by Siemens before the class even started, hired that is, pending successful completion of the training.
     We have been teaching classes like the one Noel took for most of a decade now and there are dozens of stories as uplifting as this one. When we first met with Jeremy Bout, director and producer of the Launch Point series it was both easy and difficult to choose which one to tell.