Contact Me:

If you are a WPI student in a class I’m teaching that is currently in session please post your questions / comments in the appropriate discussion forum so that the entire class can benefit from the answer. As noted in your syllabus I will not respond to questions about assignments or class policies via email.

For my general email policies, practices, see my Email FAQ page on this site.

Please make an appointment before showing up at my office for a quick question, unless you are coming during posted office hours.

Office Location:

My office is located on the WPI Campus in the Washburn Shops Room 107i

To access WB107i you must first enter the Manufacturing Laboratory’s teaching lab, WB107. 107i is located on the left just passed the first computer teaching lab.

Mailing Address:

Attn: Torbjorn Bergstrom
WPI Manufacturing Engineering
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA, 01609

Email FAQ:

What is your preferred email address?

My primary email address is

When do you check email?

I check email once daily on Weekdays.  I will attempt to complete my daily email check, and empty my inbox, by 3:30 PM Eastern Time.  In the event I have not been able to empty my inbox by 3:30 PM it may wait until the next day.

Please Note: I do not regularly check email on the weekend or on holidays. 

How soon should I expect a reply?

If you have sent me a message that you expected a reply to and you haven’t received a reply within two business days I may have missed your message, please send it again.

What should I do if I need a response more quickly than 2 business days?

If you feel that you have an urgent need for an immediate response please call my cell phone (5082083024.) 

Please note: I am not likely to answer the the phone between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM, while I am lecturing, while I am teaching in the lab, while I am exercising, or while I am eating a meal.

What if I’m in your class and have a question about an assignment?

As noted in your syllabus all questions about class work should be posted in the appropriate discussion forum.