I primarily teach engineering courses at WPI, but have also taken shot term training assignments in industry as my schedule has allowed. For industry solutions I firmly believe that the best method is for me to help you build specific training materials that meet your needs and to train one or two of your employees to use the materials, thus empowering your company to grow and train new employees as needed.
WPI Courses Taught
ME 1800
ME 3820
ME/RBE 4815
Other training possibilities
Basics of Axiomatic Design
Basics of Surface Measurement and Characterization
PLC operation programming and trouble shooting
CNC Machine tool operation
Advanced CNC Setup and operation
CAM programming with ESPRIT
Advanced CNC Operator Training Course.
This course is organized and operated by the Mass MEP and has a 90+ percent placement rate. A significant part of this course is taught in the WPI Manufacturing Labs (located in the Washburn Shops)